Bison II 
Bison II, as he appears in Street Fighter EX3.
Bison II
Birthdate April 17
Birthplace ?
Height 5'11½" (182 cm)
Weight 176 lbs (80 kg)
Eye color White
Hair color Black
Blood type A
Fighting style Psycho Power
Likes World domination, Psycho Power
Dislikes Weak people, Evil Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile
Hobbies Hypnosis
Moveset Psycho Crusher, Scissor Kick, Head Stomp, Devil Reverse, Bison Warp
First game Street Fighter EX
"I am Unstoppable. This is Psycho Power at its fullest!"
--Bison II

Bison II/M. Bison, known as Vega (ベガ Bega) in Japan, is one of the main villains and primary bosses of the Street Fighter games. M. Bison was inspired by Yasunori Kato, the main villain from the fantasy film, Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis.

In Street Fighter Alpha 3, he refers to himself by the full title of Master Bison. This is Bison at the fullest in his Psycho Power. This form is also known as Final Bison or Shin Bison.


Bison II is a secret boss in EX3. If the player defeats arcade ladder in under 2 minutes, the player will fight Bison II as the final boss instead of Normal Bison. He is black, or white if player is M. BisonBison 2 can warp faster, fly with his Scissor Kick, And cannot use Psycho Crusher unless it's a special move. Bison II is the only unplayable character in EX3,besides True Garuda and Vile Akuma.


Master Bison II is in the game, but can be chosen through code. However, in newer updates, doing the Shin Bison code will break the game. He is the final boss, and can be seen if player picks Evil Ryu, or Master Bison.


He is the final boss, and is not the final boss if Master Bison is played as. He is hard, and can hover around the battlefield. His stage is surprisingly in Germany, and if Bison is played, it's in Thailand.




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