Cycloid Gamma 
Cycloid Gamma
Birthdate January 17[1]
Birthplace 30px Shadaloo[1]
Height 180cm[1]
Weight 80kg[1]
Blood type None[1]
Fighting style A mix of various styles
Likes Learning combative techniques[1]
Dislikes Being treated sloppily[1]
Moveset Gamma Special
First game Street Fighter EX Plus

Cycloid Gamma is one of the Cycloids, a pair of characters from the Street Fighter EX series.

The Cycloids consist of Cycloid-β (a.k.a. Cycloid Beta), who is a blue 3D-model of a human male with no facial features, and Cycloid-γ (a.k.a. Cycloid Gamma), who looks similar to Beta, only Gamma's a wireframe model. Both use attacks borrowed from other characters and don't speak. Their origins are unknown.

Cycloid-γ borrows attacks from Ken, M. Bison, Pullum, Guile, Darun, Skullomania, Blair Dame, Chun-Li, Cracker Jack, Akuma and Garuda, and its attacks are performed via charging motions.

In Street Fighter EX3, the Cycloids were replaced with the character Ace who has access to all character moves. Cycloidg



Composer: Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Takayuki Aihara


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