Fighting Layer
(ファイティングレイヤー?) is a 3D fighting game developed by Arika and published by Namco. It released only in Japan in 1998 and has never been released overseas and was not ported to home consoles.


The gameplay is rather similar to the Street Fighter EX series, such as canceling supers into other supers, and universal guard-break attacks.


Two Street Fighter EX characters appear in the game (Allen Snider and Blair Dame).

  • Allen Snider
  • Blair Dame
  • Cappricio
  • Exodus
  • George Jensent
  • Hong Gillson
  • Janis Luciani
  • Jig Jid Bartol
  • Lan Yinghua
  • Shang Fenghuang
  • Sessyu Tsukikage
  • Tetsuo Kato
  • Vold Ignitio (final boss, cannot be unlocked)

Secret characters (can be unlocked through time release):

  • Joe Fendi
  • Clemence Keliber (can be unlocked through time release)
  • Preston Ajax (can be unlocked through time release)


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