Birthdate Unknown
Birthplace Unknown
Eye color None
Hair color Yellow
Fighting style Self invented style used along Mystical Elements
Likes Maiming
Dislikes Akuma, Kairi, Evil Ryu, anyone in general who utilizes the Satsui no Hadou
First game Street Fighter EX
Japanese voice actor(s) Osamu Hosoi

Garuda is a character from the Street Fighter EX series. It is a nonhuman entity that is a compilation of all the souls driven mad by Satsui no Hado, and it is later revealed that he also feeds on negative feelings such as anger, hatred, envy, treachery, and despair. Because of this, Garuda is known to be fatal even without taking action - this is due to the brainwaves which he emits.

His age, exact origin, and fighting style are unknown. Like most characters in the EX series, he has no confirmed encounter with any of the other characters. Garuda fights harder against those who utilize Satsui no Hado. Garuda is one of the few characters in the EX games whose attacks cause the opponent to bleed profusely. This was removed from American ports of the game. Along with Skullomania, Garuda is one of the more memorable characters from the EX series.








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