Guile, as he appears in Street Fighter EX3.
Birthdate December 23
Birthplace 22px-Flag_of_the_United_States_svg.png United States of America
Height 5'11½" (182 cm)
Weight 189½ lbs. (86kg)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Fighting style Special forces military training, Pro Wrestling
Likes American coffee, American automobiles, John Wayne movies, his hair, his family especially Julia & Amy, his friends especially Charlie, country music
Dislikes Natto (fermented soybeans that Ryu made him try when he was in Japan), M. Bison (the killer of his best friend), liberals
"“Too early to drop dead!” "

Guile (ガイル) is a video game character in Capcom's Street Fighter series of fighting games. Although his role in the Street Fighter story is minimal, he is considered the third leading male character in the series, after Ryu and Ken, largely due to his effectiveness as a character and his popularity.

In the live action Street Fighter movie, Guile is given the full name of William F. Guile with the military rank of colonel. Although Capcom did not canonize the name, it was also used in the US Street Fighter cartoon that was loosely based on the movie. However, In the Udon Street Fighter comic book, Guile is the character's first name. According to the official Street Fighter website, Guile has the USAF rank of Major at the time of Street Fighter IV.


Since the storyline of Street Fighter EX is an alternate storyline, it takes place around the time that the event depicted in Street Fighter Alpha would have occurred. As such, M. Bison is very much at large, and in the process of building up his Shadaloo army.

Guile awaits any news about his commander Charlie, who was last sent on a recon mission to discover the whereabouts of M. Bison's secret Shadaloo hideout. When no word is heard from Charlie in over a month, Guile begins to plead for the chance to lead a rescue mission, but his superiors refuse.

Then word reaches Guile about an underground Street Fighting tournament being held, reportedly hosted by M. Bison himself. Guile sees this as the opportunity that he's been looking for, and arranges to enter the tournament as a way to investigate the whereabouts of his commander and best friend.

During the tournament, Guile meets the interpol agent Chun-Li. At first, he is shocked to meet a woman who is such a competent fighter. Then he learns that she is a member of interpol, and that she is seeking revenge on M. Bison for the death of her father. He sees Chun-Li as a powerful potential ally, and conducts his investigation in cooperation with hers. Seeing the third EX tournament as a chance to take down M. Bison for good, he asks Chun-Li to be his partner, and she accepts.







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