Hayate, as he appears in Street Fighter EX2.
Birthplace JAPA0001.gif Japan
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Brown
First game Street Fighter EX2

For other uses, see Hayate.

Hayate is a character who appears exclusively in the Street Fighter EX series by Arika. He first appears in Street Fighter EX2 for the arcades.

Hayate is a Japanese swordsman from the village of Kukunochi whose father was the legendary hero who sealed the beast of Orochi. When Orochi escapes from his imprisonment and kidnaps the local shrine maiden, Hayate slays the demon like his father did before him. Hayate and the maiden then become the new guardian deities of the village.

Hayate is notable for being the only character from the original Street Fighter EX2 not to return in the arcade version of Street Fighter EX2 Plus. He appears in the PlayStation version as a hidden character.



  • In Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS HK Comic version, Hayate is an existence character before Garuda. His trueself is based from before Garuda who wore the cursed mask.

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