Noritaka Funamizu (船水
紀孝, Funamizu Noritaka?, born December 14, 1965), sometimes credited as Poo, is a Japanese video game designer formerly employed by Capcom, best known for his involvement in the development of several Capcom fighting games (including the Street Fighter series). In 2004, he left Capcom and joined Craft & Meister, where he oversaw the development of the arcade game Super Dragon Ball Z.


Funamizu was employed by Capcom in 1985. Prior to that, he wrote for Beep as a part-time contributor until he was invited into the company by senior staff. When he joined Capcom, he befriended fellow Capcom designer Yoshiki Okamoto while playing a game of catchball.

During the late 1980s and up until the mid-1990s, Funamizu designed and co-designed several of the company's arcade games, including games in the Street Fighter series (particularly Super Street Fighter II and the Street Fighter Alpha series).

Funamizu was later promoted to the position of producer of several of the company's arcade and consumer titles, including The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages.

He left Capcom in April 2004 and was employed by Craft & Meister, where he oversaw the development of Super Dragon Ball Z.



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