Pony Canyon PCCB-00256 Sell
Official audio 'Drama CD' release featuring random banter from the voice actor cast.

Include CD case, 10-track audio CD, 8-page colour booklet, spine card.


1.The Ken Master, Chun-Li vs D. Dark

2.Ken vs Kairi

3.Ken vs Hokuto/Skullomania

4.Ken vs Ryu/Vega

5.Guile vs D. Dark

6.Ken/Chun-Li vs Pullum

7.Ken vs Hokuto/Ryu

8.Conclusion Track 1

9.Conclusion Track 2

10.Conclusion Track 3

Voice Cast:Edit

1.Ken, Chun-Li, D. Dark, Eliza

2.Ken, Kairi, Chun-Li, Eliza

3.Ken, Hokuto, Skullomania, Chun-Li, Eliza, Ryu

4.Ken, Hokuto, Chun-Li, Eliza, Ryu, Vega(M.Bison)

5.Ken, Chun-Li, D. Dark, Eliza, Guile

6.Ken, Hokuto, Chun-Li, Eliza, Ryu, Pullum, Butler

7.Ken, Hokuto, Eliza, Ryu

8.Ken, Chun-Li, Ryu

9.Ken, Hokuto, Skullomania, Chun-Li, Pullum, Ryu

10.Ken, Pullum, Ryu

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