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True Bison appeared in Street Fighter EX3 as a secret final boss who could only be fought once the player has accumulated a high enough score which can only be accomplished by means of acquiring numerous perfect victories and by winning matches using a Meteor Combo, Meteor Tag Combo, or a Critical Parade as often as possible. He is unplayable unless third party devices are used as he is quite imbalanced in terms of gameplay and even has an unlimited amount of Energy in his meter. This incarnation of Bison is a representation of him whilst going all out and utilizing his full potential. True Bison is probably a reference to Shin M. Bison (or Final M. Bison) who appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 1 and 3 as an unplayable boss with greater strength and his devistating Psycho Crusher super.

Appearance and AbilitiesEdit

True Bison is very much similar to regular Bison in terms of Appearance with the exception of his attire and skin tone. His uniform is white while his shoulder pads and anklets are turquoise and he has indigo tinted skin. He is also different from regular Bison and Bison II in such a way that his movements are faster and his attacks have less delay and recovery time and can be chained together without the aid of Excel (example: Double Knee Press immediately followed by a Psycho Crusher). Finally, he gains a new Meteor combo similar to the Marvel Vs. Series incarnation of his Knee Press Nightmare.

Examples of CombosEdit

Bison 2 Shin Bison Tutorial and Combo Video04:20

Bison 2 Shin Bison Tutorial and Combo Video

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